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Economical and Electrotechnical Analysis of Network Expansion vs. Redispatch

The research project "Economical and Electrotechnical Analysis of Network Expansion vs. Redispatch" is a joint research project of the Chair of Prof. Dr. Felix Höffler and the Institute of Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economics of Prof. Dr. Eng Christian Rehtanz, based in TU Dortmund.

By using stochastic elements in the electric energy system, the aim is to derive the requirements to the institutional arrangement of the energy market which are efficient in short- and long-run.

To consider all of the influencing measures, an uniform probablistic simulation of the electricity market and the transmission network is needed. This approach allows to simulate and quantitatively evaluate the influences of the change in the institutional framework of the present power system.

In the cooperation of both institutes, the mutual goal is to find a method of modelling, analysing and evaluate the interdependencies between the energy market and the grid system.

Assistants of the Chair participating at this project

Current Assistants

Johannes Wagner


Former Assistants

Simeon Hagspiel

Joachim Bertsch

Stefan Lorenczik

Working Papers

Grid Investment and Support Schemes for Renewable Electricity Generation

Johannes Wagner

August 2017 [WP 16/08]


The relevance of grid expansion under zonal markets.

Joachim Bertsch, Tom Brown, Simeon Hagspiel, Lisa Just

Dezember 2015 [WP 15/07], to appear in: "The Energy Journal"


Regulation of non-marketed outputs and substitutable inputs.
Joachim Bertsch, Simeon Hagspiel
Dezember 2015 [WP 15/06]


Is an inefficient transmission market better than none at all?
On zonal and nodal pricing in electricity systems.
Joachim Bertsch
September 2015 [WP 15/05]