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Credit transfer

Please check for informations regarding transferation of credits from other universities / semesters abroad.

Acceptance of Examination Results from abroad

If you want to take a course at a foreign university and if you want to transfer the respective credits to the subject: energy economics (Energiewirtschaftslehre), please contact Sebastian Mertesacker before your stay abroad starts.

Preliminary acceptance of foreign examination results

Whether or not a course is eligible to be accepted depends in particular on the type and complexity of the foreign exam:

• in the case of a lecture: oral or written exam

• in the case of a seminar: presentation or paper

In order to ensure the preliminary acceptence of the course, the student has to hand in adequate confirmations of the foreign course, so that the equivalence of the courses can be checked.

Recognition of already achieved credits earned abroad

For the recognition of an already passed foreign exam you should first contact the examination office. There will then be checked whether that recognition is not precluded by any technical reasons. Afterwards, the examination office sends the submitted documents as well as a recognition-form to the chair. The student has then to check together with the chair whether any further documents have to be submitted.

Further information

Principally, it does not depend on the similarity of content but on the equivalence of the module for the recognition. For checking the equivalence of courses with exams of our department, a course syllabus describing content, scope and examination modalities of the foreign course is usually used as a basis for decision making. The courses must also have a sufficient workload (each creditable examination in total) and must conclude with an examination.

For the recognition of a course as a seminar it is, in addition, necessary that the course taken abroad includes a comparable scope of homework and a presentation.