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Prerequisites for admission to examination

For Bachelor and Master students: We primarily accept topics closely related to the chair's research focus or closley to the topics of the Institute of Energy Economics (Regulation, Competition Policy, Industrial Economics, Energy Economics). Theses with an emphasis on these subjects have a higher chance of admission. Preferences will be given to applicants with good grades in one of the courses of the cair.

Requirements are always at least good knowledge of the microeconomic theory, as well as basic knowledge of industrial economics.

With regard to the chair's research focus, applications by students with a good methodical background of economic models will be preferred. In case of need, the mathematic-statistical knowledge or coding skills (e.g. GAMS, STATA, R, ...) should be given.

Furthermore, the formal requirements for writing a final thesis, of course, have to be met. These information can be drawn from the official page of the Examination Office of the Department of Management, Economics and Social Science. Please be aware of your according examination regulation!